We were there, in Paris, in the Alma Tunnel, August 31 st, 1997, that horrific night that took the lives of Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Al Fayed. Out of over 6 billion people on the planet, there we were, two American tourists and our son Brandon, witnesses to a worldwide event, that changed our lives forever. "The scene is forever imprinted in our minds."

After 10 years of trying in vain to bring the truth to the forefront, on December 3, 2007, the Firestones were finally called upon to give testimony in London at the Royal Courts of Justice for the "Coroner's Inquests into the Deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Mr. Dodi Al Fayed." Visit http://www.chasingdiana.com/ to learn more about why we wrote the book, "Chasing Diana."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

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***** Awesome Book!!! Very Enjoyable, August 14, 2008
By Samuel Vella

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover. I couldn't put it down and actually read it all the day I started it... As someone who remembers the death of Princess Diana the day it happened, this novel really takes me back and puts these events in a new perspective despite its fiction. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the life or death of Princess Diana.

**** Enjoyable Suspence, August 14, 2008
By Bill Barbour

This book renews some of the suspence associated with the mystery of the death of Princess Diana. I found that the power of the screen-play format in presenting their story was an easy read, and a very successful way to present their story. It now becomes another part of the continuation of uncertainies that seem to be a part of a tragedy that captured the interest of the world.

***** Bravo! August 12, 2008
By James Napoleon "The Graduate"

Jack and Robin Firestone's clever "Chasing Diana" tells the Firestones' true story of a 1997 summer vacation yanked off course by the death of Princess Diana and subsequent media frenzy and official investigation, as spoken through the voices of the fictionalized Goodrich family - James, Rhonda, and son Ben. James is a struggling actor married to the trust fund-endowed Rhonda - a former actress turned wife and mom. Ben is an only child caught between two egos. As eyewitnesses to the immediate aftermath of the crash - driving in the opposing direction in the Alma Tunnel when they come upon the scene - the self-consciously cool Goodrichs must let go their knotted assortment of dysfunctionalities in order to protect themselves from a storm of interests that threatens to shipwreck them to get their story or else drown them to suppress it. The story is presented in screenplay format, thus without a safety net of character reflection, yet the action - which is relentless - provides all the motivational logic a reader needs. Pacing alternates between unexpected, frightening encounters in the airports and cities of Paris, London and New York, relieved by retreats to the Goodrich's hotel room where they go at each other as they try to sort out both what's immediately happening as well as their listless relationship. James' manager-brother David supplies fuel to the volatile mix in the form of cocaine and Hollywood bluster ("Willis's people wanna talk to you Jimbo"). The bad guys are out of your worst nightmare: brutal, resourceful, French, and dangerously, murderously inept. Both thugs and police want to get their hands on film on which they believe James has captured critical details of the scene. Not-so-bad guys are a New York neighbor couple with an agenda of their own and an amorous player from Rhonda's past re-emerging as a journalist after the story. For an absorbing 2-3 hours read "Chasing Diana". Continuity and suspense are sustained with sizzle up to an ironic close. That's right; close - not ending - because we leave the Goodrichs with their lives changed and a for-keeps future to live.

**** An uncommon story, August 7, 2008
By John Lavenia (Tucson, AZ United States)

With 'Chasing Diana' the Firestones have given us a look into the private lives of an already challenged family thrown into the public eye. I was startled by the disfunction the main characters experienced, both privately and publicly. For people who were touched by Diana while she lived, this will likely be a book of great interest. This is the first screenplay I have ever read, but I caught on quickly. I applaud the Firestones on their willingness to publish this work. I don't think it was a casual decision for them to do so. Perhaps the screenplay will expand into a full feature film.

***** Chasing Perfection, August 5, 2008
By Mr. Peter S. Posner "P Posner"

Chasers of perfection and thrills have to read this book. The authors have transformed their shocking real life experience in to an action-packed adventure story that's hard to put down until its surprising conclusion.

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