We were there, in Paris, in the Alma Tunnel, August 31 st, 1997, that horrific night that took the lives of Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Al Fayed. Out of over 6 billion people on the planet, there we were, two American tourists and our son Brandon, witnesses to a worldwide event, that changed our lives forever. "The scene is forever imprinted in our minds."

After 10 years of trying in vain to bring the truth to the forefront, on December 3, 2007, the Firestones were finally called upon to give testimony in London at the Royal Courts of Justice for the "Coroner's Inquests into the Deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Mr. Dodi Al Fayed." Visit http://www.chasingdiana.com/ to learn more about why we wrote the book, "Chasing Diana."

Monday, September 3, 2007

Diana: The last dinner and fateful car chase

Excerpt from "Diana: the last dinner and fateful car crash" by MICHELE MANDEL, London Free Press:

"Travelling by cab in the opposite direction was American tourist Robin Firestone on her way back to her hotel.

"The car was absolutely mangled," she will recall when I reach her at her Long Island home. "There were a lot of paparazzi, a lot of flashing lightbulbs. There was just one officer in front of the car and he was in a pushing match with one of the photographers who wanted to get closer to take his pictures and in the meantime, another photographer had run around the two of them and lay on the front of the windshield and I saw him snapping away.

"I saw her body in the car," Firestone continues. "She was slumped over with her head turned into the window. It was a very, very sickening feeling and to see these photographers going up to the windshield to get as close as they could to take pictures of this person, it was relentless.

"There was no ambulance yet and the entrance hadn't been blocked off, which I found very strange."

As her taxi pulled away, Firestone remembers wondering why the bleeding woman was so important that the paparazzi would be clawing at each other to snap her photo.

It wasn't until the next morning she discovered who had been killed that night.

"Ten years ago, I just wanted to believe it was a horrible accident," says Firestone, who runs her own marketing business. "Now it smells like French bad cheese. It really just doesn't add up."

She saw two dark cars stopped ahead of the crushed Mercedes and a mysterious man talking on a cellphone. But no one seemed interested in what she witnessed. It wasn't until CNN called French investigators on her behalf that they reluctantly took her statement. And since then, despite two exhaustive investigations by both French and British police, no one has ever contacted her again about what she saw.

"It's still with me," she says. "It's haunting and it's never going to go away. Everything led me into being in that tunnel that night. Why? Maybe there was something I saw that they didn't want to come out. Now, I'm afraid not to talk. I think, it took me 10 years to be able to get something done about this. I have to."

So naturally, she got herself an agent and is writing a book."

Read the whole London Free Press Article.

"This Interview was done over the phone and is not completely accurate, but it should be shared regardless. This is why we are writing a book. So our story can be told in complete truth. We have been looking for the truth to come out for over 10 years now." - Robin Firestone

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